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I feel anytime our members of the Military are trained to do something that does not come natural and then that person does what they are trained then our Government has an obligation to care for that Veteran’s Service connected conditions.

The Veterans (I know) are appreciative of the care they receive through the VA.

There is also an obligation on the Veterans to help the VA recognize errors, or policies that are outdate and never changed. They were wrong yesterday and they are wrong today.

Here is one that I have brought to the attention of the VA, Veteran Groups, and Politicians responsible for the care of Veterans. I have not stopped just because of the lack of interest to change.

Here is one that has bothered me for years, and now my health as progressed to a level it does not impact me. Still I want to help make a change that will help all our younger and healthy Veterans for many years to come.

This policy dates back to around 1941. Combined Ratings. First understand it is a method of determining the impact of a service connected condition on a Veteran who is 100% healthy. So going forward the ratings I mention are all on the impact of a 100% healthy person.

Now look at the way the VA combines ratings, and you will understand. To make it simple a Veteran who has a disability that renders the Veteran 100% healthy to 50% disabled.

Now say this 50% disabled Veteran receives another service connected condition that would render a 100% healthy Veteran 60% disabled. What would the impact be on a Veteran only 50% healthy? Higher impact or less impact.

To help understand the impact use this analogy. The temperature is over 100 and the heat index is dangerously high. A warning goes out to Seniors and those with respiratory and heart conditions. Why? Because the impact of the heat would have a higher impact than those 100% healthy.

Back to the question would a service connected disability of 60% have a greater or less impact on a Veteran already 50% disabled. The answer is clear but not how the VA combines the ratings. Simple way is 50 + 60= 110% maximum rating a Veteran can receive is 100% so this Veteran should be, but is not rated 100% simple method.

Another way is to make ratings equal take 100% + 50% = 150% then !50% x 60% = 90% impact on a Veteran who is 50% disabled 30% higher than the Veteran 100% healthy not less. The 90% rating and the 50% rating would put this Veteran to the 100% rating. Even using the current VA method.

The VA made it simple to help Veterans and Rating Officer find the combined rating by building a reference table,. Why would this be necessary? It is not and most everyone can do it in their head.

Example using the current VA method dating back to 1941. If the Veteran has a 50% disability and receives 60% for an entirely different condition. They subtract the highest of the two ratings from 100%, in this case 100% - 60% = 40%. Again why and again I don’t know. One VA representive I spoke to said because the Veteran has already been rated 60% of their 100% so they can now only rated 40% rather than 60%. It nearly made my head explode.

As a Doctor from Harvard who is published in the Medical Journey told me that she would send me a copy of her publication in an attachment. Not a snippet that the VA likes to use to make their point (spin her report as example) I received her attachment with a note that said “Good luck on your battle against ignorance”.

I set up a meeting with a Professor of a major university who made the points mentioned in my report to you. He said to me as I was leaving.. The Doctors at the VA already know what I am saying is true because I taught the Majority of them.

To further make the point, a Veteran who is 90% disabled can receive an unlimited number of 40% or below service connected condition and will always remain 90%. Remember the method they use. 100% - 90% = 10%. Then multiply the 40% x 10% = .04% added to the 90% already disabled = 94% which is rounded down to the same 90%.

Last example. A veteran rated 80% receives a new rating of 70%. Do it in your head the new rating is 90%. Easy wasn’t it.. 20% x 70% = 14% add it to the 80% equals 94% rounded down = 90%

One of the suggestions I have offered but rejected was to rate any Veteran that has a “combined” rating or higher “unemployable” most all cases they are and that moves their rating to 100% as it should.

A high ranking source assured me, like the Professor, the VA already knows, and they would never change it because it would cost to much money.

This ends my recon, it has become time for me to rest, and arm someone else the information I gathered and let them March On..

Semper Fi


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