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BVA Ruling:: The Battle Continues:

I am a Veteran, and served our Country with pride as a United States Marine for the period of 1961 -1966. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, 50% disability. I also have heart conditions of Congestive Heart Failure, Atrial Fibrillation, Sinus Badycardia (Pacemaker Implant), Hypertension, and Hyperlipidemia.

I submitted a claim for Hypertension & Heart condition secondary to PTSD. July 2003. The process has been long, and unnecessary.

When the VA does a C&P exam the results are sent to the regional office for their processing. The Doctorís opinion carries a lot of weight. However, Doctors do NOT know with absolute certainty the cause of medical condition they must offer an opinion based on the patientís medical history, and treatment records. So Doctors offer their opinion in the form of terms such as: Likely, not likely, certainly, almost certainly, and terms that suggest the probability, not certainty.

The argument as to the connection of PTSD and heart related illness is one that is continued research. In other words a Veteranís claim it is better argued between attorneys skilled in understanding law than argued by a Veteran, like myself, who is only acquainted with a laymanís view. I file my claim and follow it to the point it is necessary to recruit help.

This is the place I find myself, not the point to quit after 9 years, but the point to recruit help. My legal representation is handled by a firm knowledgeable in the process, and knows how to deal with attorneys in the language they understand. My appeal is now being handled by the Law Firm:: Bergmann Moore, llc. If you have not received Legal advice let me recommend that you contact "Bergmann Moore,llc" for a FREE consultation. Click Here for their contact form or phone number. I suggest filling out their brief form so they can be prepared for your call. It is up to you, but they are there to help.

Bergmann Moore has my confidence in their ability to March On with my case in a manner I want to be Represented. It is down to the final few years before the decision is made, good or bad, I feel my condition has been presented in a professional manner to the Country I swore an Oath to defend.

Lastly if you have PTSD to do worry because with proper medical care you can learn to cope with your condition. For many of us the treatment has come to late to reverse the damage done from 40 plus years of untreated PTSD and the stress that accompanies the condition. Coping (not cure) is the answer, and I am hopeful our newer Veterans returning to home will be screened early.

Good Luck to All, and Salute

The Doctors outside the VA that I consulted were:

Dr Cain, Associate Professor UT Southwestern Medical (Almost Certainly)

Dr Cain, UT Southwestern

Dr Jack Schwade, Cardiovascular Disease (Very Likely)

DrSchwade,Dallas Heart Group

Dr Laura Kubzansky, Harvard School of Public Health

Dr Kubzansky, Havard School Public Health

Dr Boscarino, Geisinger Health System Danville, Pa

Dr Boscarino, Geisinger

"The science is conclusively showing that if you suffer psychological trauma, it's going to take a toll on your physical health," Boscarino said. "Getting counseling today is critical to avoiding a related problem tomorrow."

Dr Boscarino, Links to His Research

VA Doctors credintials unknown (less likely)

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